Aug 17, 2012
Category: General
Posted by: stryker777
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VoIP Phone Systems

Our phone systems are based off of the most reliable and supported phone software in the world, Asterisk by Digium. It is an Open Source software project and integrates wonderfully with many other packages including:

  • FreePBX - Phone management software with the ability to add extensions, trunks, and much more

  • Flash Panel Operator - Flash based operator panel with the ability to join, transfer, hang-up, conference, and park calls.

  • SugarCRM - Customer relationship management software

  • End Point Manager - Phone provisioning management for tftp provisioning. Great for Polycom phones

We offer setup, configuration, installation and maintenance services. Our goal is to offer an affordable option for businesses of all sizes to join the IP based phone system world. This not only benefits your employees and business, it also can be an attractive service to your customers or clients. SIP, IAX and other IP based phone systems are the future of telephony.
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